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Exercise Linked to Big Drop in Dementia Risk

From this article, Exercise linked to big drop in dementia risk, comes this quote:

"Regular exercise may reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the elderly by as much as 40%, according to a new study. And the effect is even more pronounced for those who are more frail, say the researchers".


Losing Those Last Ten Pounds

There are a lot of rules for losing fat. One of those rules often mentioned is to eat small frequent meals throughout the day, as many as five or six small meals. I have been able to lose the last ten pounds I needed to lose following the six meal-a-day regime. Under such a regime there is a tendency to munch of snack foods that might not be best. Instead I have been eating small portions of salads, fruits, vegetables, and a little meat (not fried). This gets old after awhile, so to that I have added soup that I look forward to eating.


Triathlete Winning More and Training Less

Laurence Cohen has been a competitive triathlete for more than 20 years. His performances have always been good but now he is getting better. A few years back he participated in the New York City Triathlon. He did well but did not win his age group. Three years later at the age of age 49, he finished 24th overall in the New York City Triathlon with over 3000 participants. As the oldest in his age group, 45 to 49, he finished first beating the nearest competitor by over five minutes.

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