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Where to place the carrot - the difference between finishing and quitting

Several years ago I participated in the MS Tour For Cure. On the second day on the last half of the 75 mile ride I settled in with a small group of riders who were keeping up a blistering pace. We sailed past each of the rest stops. Toward the end it was all I could do to take my turn in the lead. I stayed with it because my odometer indicated that we only had a little over mile to go – the carrot (the end of the punishing pace) was very close.

I was really suffering. I wondered if others were suffering too. I found out. Someone in the group asked how much farther? Someone else replied: “Five miles to go” – that placed the carrot very far away. I knew that was wrong, but one of my co-riders Shane didn't know. Shane immediately fell off the pace.


Fourth Anniversary for Kelly’s Austin Personal Training

Four years ago when we opened our doors to Kelly Personal Training in Austin I was new to Austin and did not know a soul. It was a scary being opened for business without a single customer.

Business was slow at first but it gradually picked up, and word of mouth helped the business to grow to include ten trainers. I like to thank my long time clients for those initial referrals, and the trainers for their dedication to their work.


In 28 days a 67 Percent Improvement in Strength

It is rare for a woman to do a single chin-up. It is rarer still for a tall woman to do a chin-up. Years ago I began working out a 5'9" woman who could do three chin-ups. Her routine had been to do three chin-ups followed by several demanding negative reps every Friday at 5:00 for more than a year. She worked hard but she never improved. She was not remotely close to conpleting a fourth repetition.

This woman would do a whole body strength training workout once or twice week and use the aerobic equipment other days.

Her trainer resigned and I began training her. On the first Friday she insisted on doing chin-ups. It told her she had nothing to lose by taking a week off from that one exercise. She reluctantly acquiesced. She came in the next Friday with a negative mindset, fully expecting to be weaker. She did four chin-ups. She was amazed. When I asked her to forgo chin-ups the week after that she complied.


Reverse Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle with Resistance Exercise

From this study Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle:

"Healthy older adults show evidence of mitochondrial impairment and muscle weakness, but that this can be partially reversed at the phenotypic level, and substantially reversed at the transcriptome level, following six months of resistance exercise training.”


Extremely short duration high intensity interval training substantially improves insulin action

In a recent study 16 young men performed 2 weeks of supervised high intensity training (HIT) comprising of a total of 15 min of exercise (6 sessions; 4–6 × 30-s cycle sprints per session). The subject performed about 250 kcal of work each week compared with the 2000 to 3000 kcal a week consumed during a typical aerobic training program. The results were surprising.


The compound benefits of strength training

There is a long list of positive benefits that result from proper strength training. One of the benefits is that it enables you to engage in other activities longer and more often than had you not strength trained. This benefit enables you to enjoy life more. One client reported that she was able to play with her grandchildren for three hours crawling around on the floor. Before she strength training she could not last that long.

Engaging in activities longer and more often can compound the benefits derived from strength training - kind of like compound interest. Examples:

Before strength training Marcus played golfed nine holes of golf every other day. He could not play on successive days as he was too drained of energy. He began strength training once a week. A year later he was play 18 holes of golf and then 18 holes the next day.

More results in eight weeks than I had in three years.

Number sixteen in a series about what clients have to say about their workouts.

Barbi was an avid runner. She began strength training eight weeks ago. Barbi had this to say, “I have had more results in eight weeks than in three years working out with another trainer”.

With strength training in order to produce a change the body has to perform more work than it is used to handling. Then, given adequate time to recover and adequate nutrition, the body adapts as a form of self-protection by becoming stronger.

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