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The right kind of exercise to lose weight

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NYT article concluded that To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More:

Reasons for that mentioned in the article:

  1. Exercise stimulates the appetite.
  2. Exercise over time makes us more efficient.  A more efficient body burns less calories.
  3. Exercise burns precious few calories.

You can eat three less Oreos or run an extra mile to have the same calorie deficit.  You can exercise strenuously for 30 minutes or drink two less 16 ounce cokes. That is an easy call for me.

The article states:


Are treadmill desks a workable solution?

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Workable solution, pardon the pun. Are treadmill desks the solution for people who are desk-bound at work and increasingly becoming out of shape? The treadmill desk sounds like an oxymoron to me.  Sort of like high-class hooker, Dodge Ram; small crowd, plastic silverware; you get the idea. According to this NYT article, The Downside of Treadmill Desks

“Previously sedentary office workers who walked slowly at a treadmill desk for two hours each workday for two months significantly improved their blood pressure and slept better at night.”

Further into the article comes this quote:


High intensity sprint training you can stick to

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

With any exercise program if you set the bar too high you’ll likely quit. Set the bar lower and you are more likely stick to it and see more results in the long run.

One way to do sprint training that I have seen recommended and I have tried:  Warm up on an exercise bike or other aerobic equipment.  Then go as fast as you can for 30 seconds.  Recover at much slower RPMs for 90 seconds then repeat the cycle for a total of eight sprints. If you are truly going as fast as you can it will take a long time to acheive eight all-out sprints.  It is grueling. It took me months to build up to eight sprints. I had great results, but I absolutely hated it. I had a sense of dread whenever I would go into the gym to do it. I eventually quit. 

Trying to go as fast as you can is a euphemism for trying to withstand as much pain as you can. These sprints are difficult. Approaching spring training in this manner was, for me, a prescription for quitting.


Isolating and exercising the lumbar muscles can make the pain go away

See video

I first used the MedX lumbar exercise machine in a doctor’s office.  At the time I had been suffering for two years with constant back pain. I thought that I was destined to live that way the rest of my life.  Amazingly my pain went away.  Many of our clients have had similar results. Their stories and further explanation here and here.   

When attempting to exercise the lower back typically the more powerful muscles of the hips do much of the work while the lumbar muscles move through a limited range of motion and contribute little to the movement. The MedX Lumbar Machine safely addresses that problem by isolating and effectively working the lumbar muscles.  The video explain how that works.


Getting your life back

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Chiseled rock-hard abs, a powerful svelte body, an easy athletic grace, and a head-turning physical presence - if you got it you got it if you don’t there are things you can do to work in that direction, but there is no guarantee you will get there.  The combination of uncompromising hard work, dietary discipline, and most importantly having the right parents (genetics) are essential.  As appealing as the above sounds I have come to the conclusion that there are far more important benefits that proper exercise brings.


Increasing bone density at age 60

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Recently one of our clients brought in a cookie cake in gratitude for John Shafer, one of our trainers, and a card shown here that says it all.  It is results like these that really make our work rewarding. Debra was more than two standard deviations of away from the ideal bone density of a 25 year old.  In the time she began training her bone density went from being more than two standard deviations away from ideal to slightly more than one standard deviation away from ideal. While she still slightly in osteopenia, she is going against the trend of decreasing bone density that is common for people her age.  

Debra will be 60 soon.  Her regimen: she takes calcium supplements and vitamin D3, strength trains one a week for 30 minutes, and walks daily. She has lost 20 pounds. 

Our bones adapt to physical stress and are constantly remodeling themselves. If you expose the body and the bones to weight-bearing exercise the body and bones will adapt and become stronger.


Is yoga sufficient strength exercise for optimal health?

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

From this NY Times article, Does Yoga Build Strength? The question in the title is asked and their answer is:

“In general, the few available experiments involving yoga suggest that it leads to measurable but limited and patchy strength gains.”

Is yoga sufficient strength exercise for optimal health?   The question is a straw man.    In the yoga classes I have attended increasing flexibility and mobility, not strength, was the central purpose.

The six factors of fitness are strength, flexibility, body leanness, resistance to injury and illness, enhanced bone density, and increased cardiovascular efficiency.  The degree to which yoga helped me improve strength or the other factors of fitness, I don’t know or care; I simply felt better afterwards. I tell my clients to do something they enjoy and they will be more likely to stick to it.  For many, that is yoga.   I tell them to strength train too.  


A Quarter Million Training Sessions

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Some years back I was having a conversation with a fellow gym owner from another city. He wanted to know how many clients came through our doors. I told him we conduct a bit more than 500 personal training sessions a week. He responded, "You mean 500 clients a month". I said, "No, we do 500 clients a week". We had one location at the time.

We have two locations now and a loyal clientele. Doing a rough estimate of just about how many clients have worked out over the years, it comes out that by a conservative estimate we've done over a quarter of million training sessions since we first opened our doors.

The reason people patronize any business is because of the value that is offered. That quarter million is a vote of confidence and a validation of what we are doing.

The average stay with a personal trainer is less than six months. The average stay at our facilities is measured in years - another validation.


Is exercising to lose weight a losing proposition?

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Sorry about the pun. According to Wikipedia: A human being traveling on a bicycle at 16–24 km/h (10–15 mph), using only the power required to walk, is the most energy-efficient means of human transport generally available.  Just how energy efficient is the bicycle?

The LiveStrong web site has an article, Calories Burned Biking One Mile detailing how many calories one burns riding a bike. Looking at the numbers from that source and others sources as well, you can get a rough estimate of number of calories burned riding a bike. Depending how much you weigh and how fast you ride you are going to expend anywhere from @ 30 to 60 calories per mile riding a bike. For ease of computation let’s use an average of 45 calories per mile of bike riding.

Add two other factoids:  There are 31,500 food calories in a gallon of gas, and there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.


Austin still ranks high in job creation

This blog is primarily concerned with personal training, fitness, health, and human performance. Not unrelated to health is the environment where you live and the opportunities presented.

According to this Forbes magazine The Best Cities For Jobs 2015 Austin ranked fourth in job growth.  A quote:

“Job growth last year in Austin, Texas, was a decent 3.1%, while the information sector expanded by 4.7% and since 2011 by 17.8%.”

It is interesting to note that four of the top ten cities for job growth
were in Texas.

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