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The Role of a Personal Trainer

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I once asked a trainer what he was trying to accomplish with his clients. He said, “I'm there to get them stronger and to improve their health.” I told him I didn't need him for that. I can buy running shoes and head out the door. I can go to gym and pick up weights. He countered that he was there to teach clients how to exercise correctly. I came back with the fact that anyone can go to the bookstore and buy any number of books on how to do it correctly.

I don't know what the role of a trainer is in other systems or gyms. There are several ways of approaching it. My thoughts on the subject have been shaped by my interactions with clients. A client once told me I come here to get a workout I could not get on my own. She said, “If I can do it on my own I don't need you anymore”. That really stuck with me.

I had another client whom I told, “You know you could figure this out on your own”. She replied, “I have two businesses and three kids. I pay you to figure it out for me”.

I think both are correct.


Reversing the Biomarkers of Aging

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Wearing glasses, hearing aids and dying one’s hair are effective methods of reversing the effects of aging, but the most effective thing we can do to reverse the aging process is to do regular strength training exercise. It is the most effective exercise in addressing the biomarkers that effect not only how young we look, but more importantly, how we young we feel. Our bodies undergo many changes that can be reversed by proper strength training:


What exercise device or program truly delivers? Part 2

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The article is a continuation of What exercise device or program truly delivers? Part 1

...If you don’t time for all that there is one form of exercise that addressed all the aspects of health, while not completely, to a very significant degree – that is strength training (a certain type of strength training will do it in minimal time).  In the long-run strength is the most important aspect of health.  The number one reason people enter nursing homes each year is because they lack the strength to carry out daily activities.  They lose muscle, bone density, strength, and balance.  They fall, get injured, and end up in a nursing home.  They are not put in homes because they are out of breath.  Increasing strength
will do more to increase your quality of life than any other exercise.


What exercise device or program truly delivers? Part 1

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Thighmaster, Ab Roller Plus, Ab Blaster, Belly Burner, Abtronic, Garden Weasel, Ab Energizer, Buns of Steel, Six Second Abs ... ad nausea.   Do they work?   Garden Weasel works, while some of the above had been fined millions by the FTC.  But no matter, it is not whether they work; it is whether people think they work. That and you have to have $19.95  Is there anything that works wonders? There really is. Read on.

People buy exercise devices, join health clubs, and start exercise programs to look, feel, and perform better.    Too often their expectations are too high -- they are trying to exceed what their   genetics will allow.  These high expectations become the building blocks of resentment.   Once expectations are not met, motivation to continue exercising wanes. For the unmotivated fitness clubs becomes collection agencies disguised as fitness clubs.


Pregnancy and Exercise

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

One of our clients recently gave birth, and we look forward to her return to exercise.  It got me to thinking about all the pregnant mothers we have worked with over the years. In all instances we follow the doctor’s recommendations to the letter.  If you are pregnant we recommend that you always consult a doctor to be cleared for exercise. We have found that there is a great disparity in what the different doctors will allow. Often times we will make adjustments to the range of motion or eliminate a certain exercise entirely. Most mothers have stopped exercising the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, but one woman worked right up to the last week – exercised on a Thursday and delivered the following Monday.

This article Steps Prior to Pregnancy Can Protect Baby lists several useful tips for pregnant mothers. One of the tips:

“Exercise helps you maintain or lose weight and helps you manage stress. If you do get pregnant, talk to your doctor about the kinds of exercise that are safe to do during pregnancy.”


Memories of a Broken Vertebra

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

I was watching Brazil versus Columbia when Brazilian Soccer player Neymar went down. At first I thought, “Oh boy, more flopping”. When they were carrying him off the field I saw the pain he was in, and it did not surprise me to learn that Neymar broke a vertebra. I broke a vertebra in my back 40 years ago.

My recovery was pretty straight forward – rest, pain meds, and a brace. The most difficult for me was sleeping. Sleeping on the floor was my only relief from the pain. I slept on the floor for years after that.

Years later I developed back pain that stayed with me for the better part of two years. Nothing gave me relief. I did everything I could to relieve the pain – new bed, swimming, getting rid of my chair at work, no long trips in the car, and standing instead of sitting during the night school classes I was attending. Exercise seemed to make it worse.


Happy Fourth of July

See video


Forget any problems of yesterday
July 4th is a time to relax and play


Come celebrate each Fourth of July
Watch rockets burst up in the sky

Plan for your picnic in the park
Plan for explosions after dark

Share mutual passion for country
Wave our standard; it echoes free

Hear booms throughout the night
Skyrockets veer both left and right

Remember the USA trips you took
Study our great history in the book

July 4th celebrates another dawn
Children & sparklers on the lawn

Join with neighbors as you should
America is free, strong, and good

Bob Gaut 2010


Study shows that fasting boosts the immune system

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

From this article in Medical News Today, Prolonged fasting re-boots
immune system
, come these quotes:

“Results of a new study on mice and a phase 1 trial of humans suggest that prolonged cycles of fasting - for 2-4 days at a time - not only protect against toxic effects of chemotherapy, but also trigger stem cell regeneration of new immune cells and clearing out of old, damaged

“The scientists say prolonged fasting appears to shift stem cells of the immune system from a dormant state to an active state of self-renewal.”

“When you stop eating, the body uses up stored glucose, fat and
ketones, and also recycles worn out and damaged immune cells.”

This study was conducted on mice.  This result is preliminary and more studies are needed with humans. The article cautions that this fasting should be done under medical supervision.

 Austin Personal Training 


High Intensity Inteval Training Lowers Appetite

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

From this article in the International Journal of Obesity, High-intensity intermittent exercise attenuates ad-libitum energy intake comes this conclusion:

“High-intensity intermittent exercise suppresses subsequent ad-libitum energy intake in overweight inactive men. This format of exercise was found to be well tolerated in an overweight population.”

The study compared a group of over-weight men who did moderate exercise to another over-weight group who did high intensity interval exercise (HIIT).  Seventy minutes after they exercised the HIT group consumed fewer calories and also consumed fewer calories the next day.

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