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  • Avoiding hyper-extending the knees on the leg press

    Posted by on May 17, 2015
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    Most leg press machines provide movement in a straight line. With straight line movement there is more shearing force at the end point of the movement, and if one locks out at the end point there is greater potential for hyper-extending the knee. As an example see here (warning graphic).  At Austin Fitness Trainers and at New Orleans Fitness Trainers  we use MedX equipment. The MedX leg press provides an arcing range of motion similar to the rotation of the knee, and it can be set so that there is no locking out at the end point.

  • The link between diabetes and Alzheimer's

    Posted by on May 13, 2015
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    From this article, Researchers find stronger links between diabetes and Alzheimer's comes this quote:

    “Their study, using mice, found that elevated glucose in the blood – a primary consequence of diabetes -- can rapidly increase levels of amyloid beta, which shows up in brain plaques in Alzheimer’s patients. The buildup of these plaques is believed to be what brings on the memory loss that Alzheimer’s causes in the brain.”

    And this:

    “If the mice did not have the amyloid plaques in the brains, doubling their blood glucose levels increased amyloid beta levels in the brain by 20%. When the scientists repeated the experiment in older mice that already had developed brain plaques, amyloid beta levels rose by 40%”

  • Cardiovascular benefits of strength training

    Posted by on May 11, 2015
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    After a high intensity strength training workout you will be breathing hard.  This video was taken three minutes after a workout, so that I could get some of my wind back and have my pulse come down a bit.  EPOC, Essessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption is high after aerobic exercise, higher still after a strength training workout, and highest after a high intensity strength training workout.  A higher level of EPOC means more calories burned.  With a high intensity strength training workout, besides getting stronger, you will  positively affect your cardiovascular system, lower your sugar, and and burn calories long after the workout is over.

  • Crazy Exercises

    Posted by on May 3, 2015
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    Part of my 35 years in the fitness industry was spent working in big box gyms. My job was to help members with their exercises. For those that did not want assistance I stood back and watched as long as they did not do anything dangerous. One man seemed hell bent on injuring his back on an abdominal machine.  I asked him if he needed any help.  He responded that he was a doctor.  I took that as a no.  For many with a decade plus years in medical school they don’t want advice from a towel boy.  Eventually he did injure his back.

    At Austin Personal Trainer and New Orleans Personal Trainer we can show you a safe way to exercise.

  • Charmed substances that contain life preserving properties. Saccharine?

    Posted by on April 27, 2015
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    From the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper, describing health foods, “Those charmed substances that some years ago that were felt to contain life preserving properties”.

    There have been changes in the conventional wisdom regarding a number of charmed and not so charning substances – margarine versus butter, eggs, salt intake, dark chocolate, cholesterol, coffee, high carb diets versus diets with more meat and fat, and now saccharine. From this Medical News Today article, Could saccharin be used to treat aggressive cancers? comes this quote:

  • The therapeutic effect of the mutual dog gaze

    Posted by on April 17, 2015
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    From this Scientific American article, Is the Gaze from Those Big Puppy Eyes the Look of Your Doggie's Love?  come this quote:

     “Many studies find that positive interactions between people and dogs can be beneficial for both species. Increases in β-endorphin
    (beta-endorphin), oxytocin and dopamine—neurochemicals associated with positive feelings and bonding—have been observed in both dogs and people after enjoyable interactions like petting, play and talking. “

    More: dogs
  • BMI Versus Eyeballing

    Posted by on April 14, 2015
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    It used to be that to determine how fat a person was one took calipers and took anywhere from three to seven measurements of the body, came up with a total, and looked at a chart that took age into account to come up with a number for body fat percentage.  That might take a few minutes or a little longer if you did as recommended and checked it twice to make sure. 

    Now BMI is the preferred measurement.  Take weight and height and look at a chart – you’re done, let’s golf. 

    In his prime fighting weight Mike Tyson was 5’10’ and 220 pounds.  According to BMI charts Mike's BMI of 31.6 would classify Mike as clinically obese. BMI is wildly inaccurate.  Why is it used?  It is easy, that is why.  It takes few seconds instead of a few minutes.  What is worse, researchers base studies on the BMI. 

  • The MedX Rotary Torso Machine

    Posted by on April 1, 2015
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    The MedX Rotary Torso is one of the five pieces of the MedX Core Spinal Equipment line.  This equipment is often used for rehab. This equipment increases strength, flexibility, stability, and endurance. – all vital factors necessary for a healthy back.  At Austin Fitness Trainers and New Orleans Personal Trainers we have all the MedX Core equipment plus full lines of MedX strength training equipment.  The equipment and the protocol we use has contributed to our success working with those who have back problems

  • Rethinking eggs versus grains in the diet

    Posted by on March 24, 2015
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    From this article A big fat surprise for dietary dogma comes this quote:

    “Last month, in an epic climbdown, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advice Committee, whose guidelines influence millions of people, finally dropped its recommendation to restrict cholesterol. “Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption,” it said.

    And this:  "Just about everything we thought we knew about the evils of cholesterol and fats has turned out to be wrong. The doctors, the nutritionists, the dietitians, the heart societies, the experts at Health Canada, the food pyramid that hung on the wall in school – the entire health and medical establishment, in fact, have been perpetuating a big fat fraud."

    Strong statements. The article goes on to say the previous prevailing wisdom that grains, pasta, starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates are better than eggs and meat turns out to be wrong. They have actually made us fatter and sicker.

  • Effective treatment for vertigo

    Posted by on March 15, 2015
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    I woke up one morning and looked up at the spinning ceiling fan. The trouble was the room was spinning along with the fan. I attempted to walk into the next room.  Before I got there I detoured to the bathroom to throw up. I got a bucket and lay down in my bed. I threw up three or four more times.  The first time you get vertigo is a bit scary as you try to process what you are experiencing.   

    It happened again almost a year later and again almost another year after that.  My doctor said that in my case the relative infrequency of the bouts did not call for special treatment.  It is something I can live with but would rather not. Well, now there appears to be an effective treatment.  From this article, Colorado Doctor Finds Way To Treat Common Vertigo the technique: