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  • Austin ranks as one of top ten up and coming entrepreneurial cities in the world

    Posted by on September 30, 2013
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    In this Forbes article 10 Up And Coming Cities for Entrepreneurs Austin is listed as one of the top ten up and coming entrepreneurial cities in the world. The article states about Austin that:

    The capital of Texas has been buzzing for a few years now. Austin is a great place to start a company and is loaded with an influx of young professionals.

    Click on link to see twenty-five article other articles where Austin ranks high

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  • Study Asks: Does Exercise Benefit the Brain?

    Posted by on September 22, 2013
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    In a study two groups took a memory quiz. Then one group cycled to exhaustion in 30 minutes and the other group sat there. Their memories were then retested. The result:

    “The exercised volunteers performed significantly better on the memory test than they had on their first try, while the volunteers who had rested did not
    improve” – quote from the NY Times article How Exercise Benefits The Brain.

    They also took blood samples throughout the experiment. They found that: “The cyclists had significantly higher levels of a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, which is known to promote the health of nerve cells. The men who had sat quietly showed no comparable change in BDNF levels.”

  • Study: High Intensity training beneficial and safe for those with heart disease

    Posted by on September 21, 2013
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    New research examines the question of whether high-intensity exercise is beneficial for heart disease patients. The result:

    “The four studies, which were composed of patients who either had acute coronary syndrome or angina pectoris, confirmed previous findings that high-intensity exercise is safe, even for patients with CHD” – quote is from this article High-Intensity Exercise for People With Heart Disease.

    Another quote from the article:

    "When we compared VO2max before and after the training period, we found that the number of training sessions, the subject's age or baseline fitness levels had no impact, but the intensity of the intervals had a significant effect, and seems to be the most important characteristic of an effective interval session.”

  • Exercise and Brain Health

    Posted by on September 16, 2013
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    From the article Get Moving for a Health Brain in the September 2013 AARP Bulletin these quotes:

    The latest research shows that cognitive decline is not inevitable…the brain continues to make new neurons and fine tune neural connections as we live…Aerobic exercise jumps-tarts that process and slashes your lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s’ in half and general dementia by 60 %.

    And this:

    Exercise boosts the flow of blood to the brain, spurring the release of what has been dubbed Miracle-Gro for the brain – brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This chemical stimulates the formation of new neurons in the hippocampus, the area involved in memory, learning and the ability to plan and make decisions. BDNF also repairs cell damage and strengthens

  • Brief Bouts of High Intensity Training Improves Maximal Oxygen Uptake

    Posted by on September 3, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    From this study, Low-and High-Volume of Intensive Endurance Training Significantly Improves Maximal Oxygen Uptake after Ten Weeks of Training in Healthy Men comes this quote:

    “Our study demonstrated that slightly overweight and healthy individuals only required brief, duration bouts of exercise with good effort three times a week, to produce large increases in VO2max and work economy and reduce blood pressure and fasting glucose levels.”

    And this:

    “The present study demonstrates that a relatively intense stimulus administered only once and for a relatively short duration can substantially improve VO2max and work economy. A single bout of 4-minute interval training three times per week will not solve all lifestyle-related problems for people already obese or overweight, and it is not the only solution for inactive persons with a BMI below 25.”

  • High intensity activity affects fat loss

    Posted by on September 2, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    From this study, Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Weight Outcomes: Does Every Minute Count? comes this quote:

    "What we learned is that for preventing weight gain, the intensity of the activity matters more than duration," says Jessie X. Fan, professor of family and consumer studies at the U. "This new understanding is important because fewer than 5 percent of American adults today achieve the recommended level of physical activity in a week according to the current physical activity guidelines. Knowing that even short bouts of 'brisk' activity can add up to a positive effect is an encouraging message for promoting better health."

  • HIT exercise lowers cognitive decline in older women

    Posted by on August 31, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    From this study, Effects of aerobic exercise on mild cognitive impairment: a controlled trial this quote:

    “Six months of high-intensity aerobic exercise had sex-specific effects on cognition… aerobic exercise improved performance on multiple tests of executive function, increased glucose disposal during the metabolic clamp, and reduced fasting plasma levels of insulin, cortisol, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor.”

    The sixteen men in the study did not achieve the same positive cognitive results. They postulated that the difference was possibly because the body's use of and production of cortisol, insulin, and glucose differed in women and men. Regardless, the long list of positive changes resulting for high intensity exercise makes it worth the investment of one’s time.

  • Studys Shows That HIT Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

    Posted by on August 29, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    From this study, High-intensity interval training and hypertension: maximizing the benefits of exercise?:

    "Several studies have shown that high-intensity interval training (HIT), which consists of several bouts of high-intensity exercise (~85% to 95% of HRMAX and/or VO2MAX lasting 1 to 4 min interspersed with intervals of rest or active recovery, is superior to Continuous moderate-intensity exercise training CMT for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, endothelial function and its markers, insulin sensitivity, markers of sympathetic activity and arterial stiffness in hypertensive and normotensive at high familial risk for hypertension subjects. This compelling evidence suggesting larger beneficial effects of HIT for several factors involved in the pathophysiology of hypertension raises the hypothesis that HIT may be more effective for preventing and controlling hypertension."

  • It is great to be in Austin

    Posted by on August 25, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    We are starting our eighth year in our Austin Personal Training facility. We are long past due to spruce things up. There is a major facelift going on - new floors, paint, furniture, window treatments, signage, plus renovated restroom and shower room. We have also purchased two new pieces of state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

    This would not be possible without the commitment of the trainers. All of the trainers except one have been here for over five years. The newest trainer has been associated with us for seven years as a client and more recently as a trainer.

    It also would not be possible without the loyalty of our Austin clientele. We are thankful for the continued patronage. When you work as long as we have with our clients the friendship becomes primary and the personal trainer/client relationship is secondary. I look forward to meeting every one of my clients each week. One of my clients told me, “I hope you are not going anywhere because you are my personal trainer the rest of my life”.

  • How Much Of Difference Can Three Minutes Of Exercise A Week Make?

    Posted by on August 21, 2013
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    How much difference can three minutes of exercise a week make? it turns out quite a lot. How can that be? From this article, Can three minutes of exercise a week help make you fit?, comes this quote:

    "part of the explanation is (probably) that HIT uses far more of our muscle tissue than classic aerobic exercise.

    When you do HIT, you are using not just the leg muscles, but also the upper body including arms and shoulders, so that 80% of the body's muscle cells are activated, compared to 20-40% for walking or moderate intensity jogging or cycling.

    Active exercise also seems to be needed to break down the body's stores of glucose, deposited in your muscles as a substance called glycogen. Smash up these glycogen stores and you create room for more glucose to be sucked out of the blood and stored."