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  • Effective treatment for vertigo

    Posted by on March 15, 2015
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    I woke up one morning and looked up at the spinning ceiling fan. The trouble was the room was spinning along with the fan. I attempted to walk into the next room.  Before I got there I detoured to the bathroom to throw up. I got a bucket and lay down in my bed. I threw up three or four more times.  The first time you get vertigo is a bit scary as you try to process what you are experiencing.   

    It happened again almost a year later and again almost another year after that.  My doctor said that in my case the relative infrequency of the bouts did not call for special treatment.  It is something I can live with but would rather not. Well, now there appears to be an effective treatment.  From this article, Colorado Doctor Finds Way To Treat Common Vertigo the technique:

  • Strengthening lower back muscles

    Posted by on February 24, 2015
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    MedX put 90 million dollars into research to develop safe effective exercise equipment for the lower back. This equipment is often used for rehab. I first used this equipment in a doctor's office. Their Core exercise equipment was developed to strengthen the muscles of the abs and lower back.  At Austin Fitness Trainers and New Orleans Personal Trainers we have all the MedX Core equipment plus full lines of MedX strength training equipment.  The equipment and the protocol we use has contributed to our success working with those who have back problems.

  • Golfing without the aggravating back pain

    Posted by on February 13, 2015
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    MedX® manufacturer of rehabilitative exercise equipment commissioned research to see if their core exercise equipment would be helpful to golfers. The results: The golfers had more range of motion, greater club head speed, and hit the ball farther.  Butch Harmon, Tiger Woods’ swing coach, used MedX equipment at his Las Vegas golf school. MedX once provided a bus that was equipped with their patented core exercise equipment.  It followed the golfers from tournament to tournament on the Senior PGA tour.

    You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from the program.  Marcus, 72 years old, went from be limited to playing nine holes every other day to being able to play 18 holes in back-to-back outings.

  • Alleviating back and neck pain

    Posted by on February 9, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    Mark was plagued by neck and back problems. He had very little range of motion, little strength, and a lot of pain. He ended up having neck surgery, went through physical therapy, and after he was finished he began training at our facility on our MedX rehabilitative exercise equipment.

    One of the features of the MedX equipment is that the resistance is provided in an arc. Bow your head and then lift up and look at the ceiling. Your neck follows an arc. The same if you bend over or if you flex the lumbar region. Your body follows an arc.

    All barbells and many types of equipment provide linear (straight line) resistance. The MedX low back machine provides resistance in an arc congruent with the arc created by the motion of your back. This makes for a much safer exercise. You don’t have weight bearing down on your back from above, so there is no vertebral compression.

  • A great alternative to treadmills and standard exercise bikes

    Posted by on February 5, 2015
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    After going on a vigorous one-hour walk the other day, my feet were sore and tender for two days. I have had neuropathy in both feet for decades. Besides the neuropathy, I have had my share of injuries and conditions I have had to live with - multiple foot operations include one for a torn Achilles, two broken bones in my back including one back operation, multiple breaks in one arm, knee surgery, and rotator cuff issues.  Sports will do that to you.

    If you do nothing your condition will worsen. I work around the issues, and I am not compromised in my ability to go all out and put in the effort necessary to dramatically improve my health and fitness.  One of the reasons is the piece of equipment we have at New Orleans Personal Trainers and at Austin Personal Trainers  shown here in this short video.

  • Exercise for those with shoulder injuries

    Posted by on January 29, 2015
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    This man (pictured here at this link toward the bottom) used to spend 12 hours a week in the gym.  By age 24 he'd already had two rotator cuff operations.   Because of his rotator cuff injuries he couldn't lift a 100 pound barbell over his head without aggravating his shoulders. He began training with us on our MedX rehabilitative exercise equipment.  With the MedX overhead press he did not aggravate his rotator cuff and his strength improved; he eventually was able to lift 316 pounds smoothly and safely using the MedX overhead press.  He reported that he was stronger than he'd ever been.

  • A Strength Training Program For Cancer Survivors Part 2

    Posted by on January 26, 2015
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    Years ago I had a woman come in who had been given the green light to exercise after suffering from cancer. I told her we would start slowly and that eventually the workouts would be hard.  She told me, “John, I survived cancer.  I can do your workout.”  Boy was she right.   She got dramatically stronger in no time.   A client such as her, who starts from a weakened state, will have more upside potential for improvement.

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  • Bone tissue replaced, repaired, and restored

    Posted by on January 25, 2015
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    At age 43 she was first diagnosed with oesteopenia.  At age 69 she has no osteopenia and and no further bone loss. She now lives pain-free and has restored years to her career and quality-of-life.

  • Exercise, how much is enough?

    Posted by on January 19, 2015
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    I got on the subject of exercise with a man who was in less-than-peak physical condition.  I asked him when was last time he had gone all-out physically. He was 65 years old. He said to me, "John, it's been decades".  

    Your body adapts positively to the stress of exercise. If you do not stress the body the body's capacity to handle the stress of exercise diminishes over time.

    Your fitness, your health, and your ability to ward off sickness and injury diminish. Your body down-regulates its ability to handle sugar, your metabolism declines, and the loss of flexibility and strength increase the likelihood of injury. With that injury – a bad back, frozen shoulder, fragile knees, you name it – comes even more inactivity and a still lower level of fitness and health. 

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  • A resolution you can stick to

    Posted by on January 8, 2015
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    This is going to be the year you get in the best shape of your life. You sign for a year, and the automatic bank draft begins. You go each week for two or three weeks or maybe even the first couple of months. You miss a couple of weeks and then you miss a couple of months. Eventually you return with the intention of really buckling down. For most that never happens.

    You admit defeat so you attempt to cancel. There is an expensive cancelation processing fee. There are just a few months left, and you rationalize that it is not worth the hassle of trying to terminate the contract so you do nothing. You cringe when you look at your monthly credit card bill and see the card charged for the service you did not use.