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  • Chronic pain: Exercise can bring relief

    Posted by on September 4, 2015
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    Exercise can be a great way to ease chronic pain. There are risks associated with inactivity and benefits associated with movement.

    When you're in pain, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind, but regular exercise can be a versatile weapon in the fight against chronic pain.

    When you're inactive, your muscles — including your heart — lose strength and work less efficiently. Your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes increases. Inactivity can increase fatigue, stress and anxiety as well.

    "Years ago, people who were in pain were told to rest," says Edward Laskowski, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist and co-director of the Sports Medicine Center at Mayo Clinic,
    Rochester, Minn. "But now we know the exact opposite is true. When you rest, you become deconditioned — which may actually contribute to chronic pain."

    As tough as it may be to start an exercise program, your body will thank you. Exercise can:

  • Strength Training To Prevent Falls

    Posted by on September 4, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    When my father was getting up in age he had a couple of nasty falls, once breaking a rib and once banging his head pretty badly.  My father became forgetful.  An MRI revealed that there was damage to his brain.  The doctors speculated that it was most likely a result of a fall.

    As people age they lose strength and with that gait speed and that results in a loss of balance.  With the loss of strength they lose the ability to recover from a stumble.  Falls inevitably occur, and those that do fall who are frail are more likely to suffer injuries as result of that fall.

    Falling is the 14th leading cause of death among the elderly.

    Each year, more than one-third of Americans over 65 sustain falls, total cost of fall injuries for people 65 and older was $20.2 billion in 1994, and that is expected to reach $32.4 billion by 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Hurricane Katrina, it has been ten years

    Posted by on August 20, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    Hurricane Katrina - the upheaval of the event, the challenges it
    presented, and all the emotions it evoked have faded with time. Every couple of years I mark the passing of the event with a blog post  and each time with less detail.

    After the Katrina flood waters receded I made the decision to keep New Orleans Personal Training (picture) going, and to live and open a second business outside of hurricane alley.  I chose Austin. In the summer of 2006 Austin Personal Training opened.

    Much has happened that makes Katrina a less significant part of my life. When I came to Austin I did not know a soul.  I love New Orleans and visit often. Austin has proven to be a great place to live.  I have dear friends in both places, but after ten years Austin is my home.

    More: Katrina
  • Exercising the cardiovascular system with minimal stress on the joints

    Posted by on August 17, 2015
    See video

    According to Runner's World 80 percent of all runners will experience an injury in a given year.  That is counterproductive to what you set out to accomplish.  I was slow to learn this.  Years of running has taken its toll on my joints.  Fortunately I have found a piece of aerobic equipment that enables me to effectively work my cardiovascular system with minimal stress on my joints.  We have this piece of equipment at our New Orleans Personal Trainers and our Austin Personal Training locations.

  • Enhanced flexibility of the adductors

    Posted by on August 17, 2015
    See video

    Your flexibility can be defined as your range of motion.  Enhanced flexibility is your strength through that range of motion.  Proper strength training will increase your range of motion, enhance your flexibility, and give your added protection from injury. We have the adductor machine at our New Orleans Personal Trainers and our Austin Personal Training locations.

  • Making your own nut butter

    Posted by on August 10, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    I decided to make my own nut butter using walnuts as one of the ingredients. Walnuts have been shown to inhibit the break down the principal component of the plaque associated with Alzheimer's disease.  Another ingredient I added was sunflower kernels. Sunflower kernels, according to some, are one of the worlds healthiest foods. The other ingredients were chosen for their taste. I use the following:

    A cup of walnuts 

    ¾ a cup of roasted salted sunflower kernels

    A cup of salted glazed mixed nuts

  • Why they stay

    Posted by on August 1, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    It helps to have good trainers. In a recent blog post it was estimated that between our two Kelly Personal Training facilities, Austin Fitness Training and at New Orleans Personal Training, we had surpassed a quarter million training sessions. In another reoccurring blog post titled What Clients Are Saying we highlight the progress that our clients have made. Trainers made that happen.

    The fitness business is a revolving door for trainers and clients as well. Only the good trainers manage keep a longstanding clientele and make a permanent go of it in the fitness industry.

  • Is exercise really worth it?

    Posted by on August 1, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    The answer to the question depends on the type of exercise.

  • The right kind of exercise to lose weight

    Posted by on July 26, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    NYT article concluded that To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More:

    Reasons for that mentioned in the article:

    1. Exercise stimulates the appetite.
    2. Exercise over time makes us more efficient.  A more efficient body burns less calories.
    3. Exercise burns precious few calories.

    You can eat three less Oreos or run an extra mile to have the same calorie deficit.  You can exercise strenuously for 30 minutes or drink two less 16 ounce cokes. That is an easy call for me.

    The article states:

  • Are treadmill desks a workable solution?

    Posted by on July 26, 2015
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    Workable solution, pardon the pun. Are treadmill desks the solution for people who are desk-bound at work and increasingly becoming out of shape? The treadmill desk sounds like an oxymoron to me.  Sort of like high-class hooker, Dodge Ram; small crowd, plastic silverware; you get the idea. According to this NYT article, The Downside of Treadmill Desks

    “Previously sedentary office workers who walked slowly at a treadmill desk for two hours each workday for two months significantly improved their blood pressure and slept better at night.”

    Further into the article comes this quote: