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  • It is great to be in Austin

    Posted by on August 25, 2013
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    We are starting our eighth year in our Austin Personal Training facility. We are long past due to spruce things up. There is a major facelift going on - new floors, paint, furniture, window treatments, signage, plus renovated restroom and shower room. We have also purchased two new pieces of state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

    This would not be possible without the commitment of the trainers. All of the trainers except one have been here for over five years. The newest trainer has been associated with us for seven years as a client and more recently as a trainer.

    It also would not be possible without the loyalty of our Austin clientele. We are thankful for the continued patronage. When you work as long as we have with our clients the friendship becomes primary and the personal trainer/client relationship is secondary. I look forward to meeting every one of my clients each week. One of my clients told me, “I hope you are not going anywhere because you are my personal trainer the rest of my life”.

  • How Much Of Difference Can Three Minutes Of Exercise A Week Make?

    Posted by on August 21, 2013
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    How much difference can three minutes of exercise a week make? it turns out quite a lot. How can that be? From this article, Can three minutes of exercise a week help make you fit?, comes this quote:

    "part of the explanation is (probably) that HIT uses far more of our muscle tissue than classic aerobic exercise.

    When you do HIT, you are using not just the leg muscles, but also the upper body including arms and shoulders, so that 80% of the body's muscle cells are activated, compared to 20-40% for walking or moderate intensity jogging or cycling.

    Active exercise also seems to be needed to break down the body's stores of glucose, deposited in your muscles as a substance called glycogen. Smash up these glycogen stores and you create room for more glucose to be sucked out of the blood and stored."

  • High-intensity intermittent exercise effectively burns fat

    Posted by on August 16, 2013
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    From the Journal of Obesity from this study, High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise and Fat Loss comes this quote:

    “The effect of regular aerobic exercise on body fat is negligible; however, other forms of exercise may have a greater impact on body composition. For example, emerging research examining high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) indicates that it may be more effective at reducing subcutaneous and abdominal body fat than other types of exercise.”

    And this quote:

    “Regular HIIE produces significant increases in aerobic and anaerobic fitness and brings about significant skeletal muscle adaptations that are oxidative and glycolytic in nature. HIIE appears to have a dramatic acute and chronic effect on insulin sensitivity.”

  • Long distance running lowers testosterone; sprint training increases it

    Posted by on August 15, 2013
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    From This study, Effect of altered reproductive function and lowered testosterone levels on bone density in male endurance athletes: "Relatively short duration exercise bouts at maximum or near maximum intensity appear to increase serum testosterone levels, with measurable changes evident within minutes. However, with prolonged acute submaximal exercise bouts of approximately two hours or longer, suppression of circulating testosterone is noted which may remain for several days. "

  • The benefits of human growth hormone and how to increase levels naturally

    Posted by on August 12, 2013
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    According to the Mayo Clinic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can:

    • Decrease body fat

    • Increase exercise capacity

    • Increase bone density

    • Increase muscle mass


    HGH levels are higher when we are young and growing and decrease with age. Raising HGH naturally is a good thing for most people. How to do that? One study, The time course of the human growth hormone response to a 6 s and a 30 s cycle ergometer sprint looked at the different responses to sprinting six seconds versus 30 seconds on a stationary bike. They found that:

    Metabolic responses were greater after the 30 s sprint than after the 6 s sprint. The highest measured mean serum hGH concentrations after the 30 s sprint were more than 450% greater than after the 6 s sprint.

  • High intensity interval training produces metabolic adaptations in far less time compared to traditional methods

    Posted by on August 11, 2013
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    In a two week study ( Short-term sprint interval versus traditional endurance training: similar initial adaptations in human skeletal muscle and exercise performance) researchers compared changes produced by sprint-inteval training (SIT) versus high volume endurance training (ET). Total training time 2.5 hours for SIT and 10.5 hours for ET, and total training volume was 90% lower for SIT versus ET

    From the study: Brief, intense exercise training may induce metabolic and performance adaptations comparable to traditional endurance training....Given the large difference in training volume, these data demonstrate that SIT is a time-efficient strategy to induce rapid adaptations in skeletal muscle and exercise performance that are comparable to ET in young active men.

  • Less time exercising more fat loss

    Posted by on August 5, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    Exercises are performed in all sorts of ways. Expose your body to more work that it is used to handling, allow rest and recovery and the body will make a positive adaptation as a form of self protection. You can put in more time – do more reps, do more sets, run a little further, engage in whatever the activity is a little longer – and as long as you don’t overdo it the body will come back improved.

    You can work a little harder – more weight on the bar, a steeper hill at the same pace, sprinting instead of jogging - and again as long as you don’t overdo it the body will come back improved. If you exercise in this way the workouts cannot be very long but they can be very effective. Just one benefit is fat loss.

    From this study, High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise and Fat Loss this quote:

  • Fifteen Minutes Of Training In Two Weeks Remarkable Result

    Posted by on August 4, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    After two weeks of exercise totaling 15 minutes, the result from this study, Extremely short duration high intensity interval training substantially improves insulin action in young healthy males:

    Insulin sensitivity, as measured by the Cederholm index, was improved by 23% (P < 0.01), while aerobic cycling performance improved by ~6% (P < 0.01).

    They concluded:

    The efficacy of a high intensity exercise protocol, involving only ~250 kcal of work each week, to substantially improve insulin action in young sedentary subjects is remarkable.

  • The Price Of Inactivity

    Posted by on July 29, 2013
    personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

    In the last 35 years I have had about a half dozen times where I got out of the habit of exercising as a result of injuries or life just getting in the way. When that happened I had a greater propensity to eat more comfort food. I would even get up in the middle of the night to eat. Of course I gained weight, sugar levels went up, bad cholesteral went up, and my blood pressure was a little harder to control. What was more striking was how badly I felt. Old injuries came back to haunt me.

    Last year I tore my Achilles tendon right in two. The recovery was slow. I stopped all exercise for months. I woke up one day with a pain in my shoulder that’s lasted for days. I further injured it playing around with my daughter. The pain, numbness, and restricted movement lasted for months. Because I favored one shoulder I slept on the other shoulder, and it soon began to hurt as well.

  • Cardio Fatness

    Posted by on July 29, 2013
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    From this article Your Cardio Routine Is Making You Fat:

    “Are you interested in gaining weight? If you are, perform cardiovascular exercise, and a lot of it.

    Are you interested in losing weight? Then you should cut back on classic cardiovascular exercise. Shun it, even. Abolish it. Throw out your treadmill or better yet, give it to someone you don’t like as cardio doesn’t work if your goal is long-term weight loss.

    There truly is only one reason to exercise: To increase your metabolism in order to burn more calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What is the only style of exercise that accomplishes that goal? Strength training. Increasing your metabolism through strength training is the key to successful, permanent weight loss.”