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Burn calories four ways with strength training

Strength training helps you burn calories four ways:

1. Calories burned after the exercise stops. Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) occurs after the workout. After running your body replenishes sugar stores. Strength training produces a larger post-exercise calorie demand as the body replaces sugar and rebuilds muscle as a result of the micro-trauma that has been imposed on the muscles.

2. Added muscle burns additional calories. Muscle is metabolically expensive to maintain and will require calories 24/7.

3. The workout itself. All forms of exercise burn calories, but not really as much as people think. Those who exercise with lesser intensity will burn less calories that those who exercise with more intensity.



Five years after Katrina

On August 27, 2005 I boarded up my house and my business, New Orleans Ultimate Fitness Trainers, and then loaded up the car with three days worth of clothes and headed north. Two days later in New Orleans the 17th Street Canal broke. My home situated three blocks from the canal was under water. I just had moved there four months earlier. My business, five blocks from where the waters stopped rising, suffered minimal damage.

Six weeks later I returned to New Orleans stuck with a mortgage payment, renovation payments, working in a business that was showing a negative cash flow, and no place to live. I decided to try to keep the first business going and explore that option of opening a second business outside of New Orleans. I spent months scouting out locations and decided on Austin.

A real estate agent was asked by a prospective buyer what the neighbors were like in the area where he wanted to buy. The agent replied with a question, “What were the neighbors like where you used to live?”

The buyer replied, “They were really friendly”.


Pets are good for us

An estimated 63 percent of American households have a pet, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. I assume
that a significant part of the no-owners would own a pet if their circumstances and finances were different.

Subjectively we know that being around pets has a calming effect for most of us. There is objective evidence as well. From this USA Weekend article, Why pets are good for us:

“People feel better after watching a Lassie flick because their levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, take a free fall”.

There, some science to back up what many of us experience. A few years back after hurricane Katrina I went through a period of significant financial and personal difficulty. My house was unlivable. For five months I slept on the floor of my business in New Orleans. It was comforting to have my dog laying there beside me.


Muscular Heart Failure Patients May Have a Better Chance at Survival

From this Science Daily Muscular Heart Failure Patients May Have a Better Chance at Survival, Study Suggests:

“University of Alberta research has discovered heart failure patients with more muscle have the potential to increase their length of life.”

I would also suggest that even those who did not experience heart failure and have more muscle will have greater potential to increase their length of life. As this blog is fond of saying people are not generally put in nursing homes for


A half an hour and 20 years experience

I was going to buy a home a few years back, and I had a friend come over to do the inspection.

experience banner

He crawled, climbed, and wedging himself into every part of that small house. When he was finished he refused to accept my check, as it only took him a half an hour. I told him that I was paying for a half an hour plus 20 years of experience inspecting houses. If I were to try to do it on my own it would involve extensive reading and learning before I learned how to do it right, and chances are it would not have been done correctly.

I was working out a client the other day, and I was explaining to her what we were doing and why we were doing it that certain way. She told me that she totally trusted me and that she could not figure it out on her own. Sure she could. It would take time and lot of reading


Dirty health clubs

Some of the more disgusting examples of the lack of upkeep in health clubs that I have seen in my 30 years in the fitness business:

· The smell of urine on the hot rocks in the sauna. This did more than permeate the locker room. You could smell it in the workout area.
· Indoor pool where the water could best be described as black, not a dark algae green but black.