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How soup can help you lose weight

The BBC article, How soup can help you lose weight, called soup dieting’s best kept secret. From the article:

If you eat the food and drink the water, you will feel full for a couple of hours before hunger kicks in. But if you blend the food with the water - to make soup - you will stay hunger-free for much longer, and less likely to snack through the afternoon.


250,000 Lateral Leg Lifts a Year for What?

You’ve seen them performed in aerobics classes. You raise your leg out from your side while standing, while on all fours, or while lying on your side. This is done repeated with one leg and then the other. All the different permutations of sets of legs lifts are performed at least once and sometimes later in the class the raises are repeated.


How To Ruin Two Workouts

If you are not fully recovered from your last workout before you do your next workout you will have nothing to gain from either workout. You will not have fully recovered, you will not improve, and you will have wasted valuable time and effort. Many people reach this point of no improvement and conclude that they are “hard-gainers’ or that they have hit a plateau. Not true. Those who strength train with too much frequency put up their own road blocks to continued improvement by performing workouts when they are less than 100 percent. If one is fully recovered one will improve every single workout.

Exercise serves as stimulus to force your body to make a positive adaptation. That adaptation is a form of self-protection. That adaptation will only occur if your body is allowed to recover and compensate for demands placed on it.