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Cardio Controversy

From the ABC News 20/20 report, Is Cardio-Free the Way To Be? come points of view for and against cardio exercise:

One point of view:

"Cardiovascular exercise kills a weight-loss plan, your internal organs, your immune system, your time and your motivation. If your true goal is to lose weight, interval strength training is the only way to go," says Karas, an ABC News correspondent, celebrity trainer and fitness expert.

Another view:


Diets damage health, shows biggest ever study

From this article Diets damage health, shows biggest ever study comes this revelation:

“The world's largest study of weight loss has shown that diets do not work for the vast majority of slimmers and may even put lives at risk.

More than two-thirds pile the pounds straight back on, raising the danger of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Indeed most dieters end up heavier than they did to start with, the researchers found.”


Intense Exercise And Brain Health

From this study Neural Biochemical Levels Increase With Exercise comes a very interesting result:

“Levels of a naturally-produced chemical that promotes brain health increase proportionally to the intensity of exercise, according to a joint research project between the Departments of Physiology and Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences at Texas Tech.”


Just 1 In 7 Adults Eat Right And Exercise

This Web MD article Just 1 In 7 Adults Eat Right And Exercise mentions these government recommendations:

“U.S. dietary guidelines call for adults to get five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. Government health recommendations also urge at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days per week or vigorous-intensity exercise at for least 20 minutes three days per week”.


Exercise May Fend Off Arthritis in Women

From this article Exercise May Fend Off Arthritis in Women comes this quote:

“Exercise... It may also be the answer to preventing stiff, achy joints that can lead to debilitating arthritis. An Australian study suggests the more time older women spend exercising, the better their chances are of staying pain-free from one of the biggest chronic conditions plaguing developed countries. “

And this: