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Strength Training Shown To Lower Blood Pressure

The following meta-analysis, Dynamic resistance exercise and resting blood pressure in adults: a meta-analysis, reported the following:

“A total of nine studies consisting of 259 subjects (144 exercise, 115 control) and 18 groups (9 exercise, 9 control) significant treatment effect ( 3) reductions were found across all designs and categories for both systolic and diastolic blood pressure”.

The study concludes: “meta-analytic review of included studies suggests that dynamic resistance exercise reduces resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure in adults”.


Austin Ranked As Second Best Walking City In America

A recent issue of Prevention magazine listed The Best Walking Cities of 2007 based on the following criteria:

• % of pop that walks for exercise
• Use of mass transit
• Parks per square mile
• Points of interest per square mile
• Avg winter/summer temperatures
• % of athletic shoe buyers


Even Light Exercise Helps Smokers Quit

From Medical News Today article (March 14, 2007), Even Light Exercise Helps Smokers Quit, comes this quote:

“Dr Taylor and his co-authors reviewed 12 studies on the effect of a single session of exercise compared to no exercise on three outcome measures: cigarette cravings, withdrawal symptoms and smoking behavior. All reported beneficial impact on at least one of the three outcome measures.”

And this:


A Sexy Butt in Sixty Seconds for $14.95

A sexy butt in sixty seconds for $14.95 - that is what the spokesmodel on the infomercial actually said. If such were really the case I would buy them and hand then out indiscriminately to help beautify America.

I could not sleep last night and got up too early and scanned the ½ hour paid TV advertisements that frequent early morning cable channels. The advertisements are often for exercise and diet products. These ads often contain the same elements. Some examples follow:

“Scientifically tested.”


What Exercise Should I Do While I Am On Vacation?

“What exercise should I do while I am on vacation?”

I have been asked this a lot over the years. I give the same answer: “Have a good time”.

“But won’t I lose some of the gains that I have made?”

For running the answer might be yes; for strength training the answer is most often no. In fact for strength training it is often beneficial to take a break. Even if it were yes I would still advise one to have a good time and enjoy the good health they worked hard to achieve. You need a mental as well as a physical break from exercise every once in a while.