Thunder thighs are heart healthy


News to be greeted with thunderous applause: People who have large thighs are less like to suffer from heart disease, and those with the thinnest thighs are twice as likely to die sooner. From this BBC News article Large thighs 'may protect heart':

"Our results suggest that there might be an increased risk of premature death related to thigh size," Berit Heitmann of Copenhagen University Hospital and Peder Frederiksen of Glostrup University Hospital wrote.

And this:

Obesity, age, smoking and other factors did not reduce the effect, the researchers reported in the British Medical Journal.

Many studies have shown a larger waist size can be a good predictor of heart disease and death, but why are large thighs a good thing?

One doctor speculated: "This is a very interesting line of research, because it would suggest that interventions which protect or increase muscle mass (such as weight training) may be effective in reducing cardiovascular disease even if no loss of body fat occurs."

Strong thighs are what push the heart not the other way around. If you cannot generate a sufficient work load to tax the heart the heart becomes weaker. People are not put in nursing homes because they are out of breath; it is because they are too weak to carry out daily activities on their own. Being stronger enables you to be more active. Strength training and the resultant increased activity redounds positively to one’s overall health.

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