Stronger muscles effective for reducing insulin resistance

From this American Diabetes study Muscle-Strengthening Activity and Its Association With Insulin Sensitivity:

OBJECTIVE—Muscle-strengthening activities (MSAs) may increase insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

CONCLUSIONS—MSA is independently associated with higher insulin sensitivity among U.S. adults. Efforts to increase MSA may be a realistic, feasible, and effective method of reducing insulin resistance among the U.S. population.

Leif is one of our clients, and he has diabetes. He started with us more than a year ago. He was pleased after the first couple of months. His testimonial:

I am 46 years old and since I started Kelly a couple of months ago I have dropped over 5 pounds and at my last doctors appt my b/p was much improved. Very personal attention and great people ... Timothy is my trainer and he is great. It is an intense 30 minutes but well worth it!

That was over a year ago. He has been working out with us since then. He has now lost 25 pounds, four inches on his waist, and most amazingly has gone from five insulin shots a day down to one shot a day.

The type of training we do at Kelly's Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Ultimate Fitness Trainers produces more excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) than any other form of exercise. You'll burn more calories and lower your sugar levels.