Dementia link to 'mid-life ills'


From this article Dementia link to 'mid-life ills' these bullets:

· Under-55s who smoke increase their risk of dementia five-fold.
· Diabetes will more than triple the risk of dementia.
· Brain exercises can delay dementia onset. Doing crosswords, playing cards or similar "mind-stretching" activities may delay the start of memory decline in people who develop dementia
· Lifestyle factors during middle age appeared to play an important role.
· People with high blood pressure were 60% more likely than those without high blood pressure
· "This study adds weight to the growing evidence that a healthy heart means a healthy brain."
· We should all consider stopping smoking, taking regular exercise and adopting a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet.”

And from this article 'Bad habits' link to Alzheimer's

· Heavy drinkers and smokers develop Alzheimer's disease six to seven years earlier than those who do not smoke or drink, US researchers claim.
· People with high cholesterol in their early 40s are one and a half times more likely to develop Alzheimer's.
· "High mid-life cholesterol increased the risk of Alzheimer's disease regardless of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and late-life stroke,"

According to the second article keeping your cholesterol under control is especially important; blood pressure is sited in both articles as a risk factor for dementia. High intensity Interval training (HIIT) has been shown to lower blood pressure and lower LDL (Bad) Cholesterol. HIIT is the type of training we do at both of our facilities: Austin Personal Trainers or New Orleans Personal Trainers.