After three years of back pain I became pain-free


Several years ago I suffered intermittent back pain for the better part of three years. I tried everything to get rid of my back pain – stretching, massage, bed rest, exercise, no exercise, a new bed, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory medications. Finally a doctor told me that if it got worse that I should consider surgery. I told him I did not come to see him with the expectation that my condition would get worse after seeing him. I asked him whether I should use heat or ice to lessen the pain. He told me, “If ice works use ice; if heat works use heat”. Huh? I didn’t need a doctor to tell me something so self evident.

My experience with injuries is that when recovering from an injury every day there is a little less pain, a little more range of motion – there is some tangible improvement. With my back pain it would appear to improve, and I would have a glimmer of hope that I was finally on the road to recovery then it would suddenly be worse than before. This would go on for weeks and months. It was very frustrating. I was starting to think that this would be my “normal" state that I would be plagued with back pain the rest of my life.

I formed my own plan. I decided to stop doing anything that would cause me to suffer back pain. Sitting caused me pain, so no more sitting in a movie theater, and I avoided long trips in the car. I got rid of my chair at work, I worked from a podium. I stopped riding my bike. I began walking to work. I could not swim at first but gradually added that exercise. I got leaner - down to 8.8 percent body fat. I consulted with a modeling agent to improve my posture.

I also began exercising with MedX lumbar exercise machine in a doctor’s office - first twice a week then three to four times a month. I also gradually incorporated strength training to my regiment. Gradually - almost imperceptibly over months - my pain began to disappear. All the steps I took contributed to the elimination of my back pain, but I believe the exercise on the MedX equipment was the biggest factor.

At Kelly’s Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Ultimate Fitness trainers we offer extensive lines of MedX strength and rehabilitative exercise equipment. One client who suffered from back pain called her improvement "a radical transformation"

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