Older People Who Diet Without Exercising Lose Valuable Muscle Mass

A recent study of older adults trying to lose weight compared those who dieted, those who just exercised, and those who dieted plus exercised. From this Science News article Older People Who Diet Without Exercising Lose Valuable Muscle Mass some findings:
· Exercise group drew more on fat stores as the source of their body’s fuel.
· Diet-only group’s weight loss resulted from a loss of both muscle and fat.
· Exercise plus diet group, like the exercise-only group, drew more on fat stores as an energy source.

[Pictured the cross-sections of the thighs of a 25 year old male and a 65 year old male]

When you diet you are sending a message to the body, “Please lower that metabolic thermostat; we need to get by on less calories”. Muscle is metabolically expensive to maintain. When you diet your body lowers is resting metabolism by consuming lean muscle tissue as energy. When you exercise (particularly strength training) you place demands on the body such that the body adapts as a form of self protection. That form of self protection comes in the form of added lean muscle tissue. A stronger body is looks better, is less likely to be injured, and is capable of engaging in vigorous activities longer and more often (This too burns more calories.)

Our bodies undergo many changes that can be reversed with proper strength training. Strength effects not only how young we look, but more importantly, how we young we feel. Strength training reverses many of the bio-markers of aging. This does not require hours in the gym. Your life can be transformed in just minutes a week with the right exercise program.
With high intensity strength training you can work the whole body in less than one half hour, and it only need be performed once or twice a week to see continuing results. We have such a strength training program at both our locations - Austin Personal Trainers and New Orleans Personal Trainers. Better eating choices, an active lifestyle, and a little strength training is a program most people can stick to, and it can have profound effects on one's fitness and health.